Cinzia & The Eclipse

Genres: Folk / Pop

Montreal born singer-songwriter Cinzia & The Eclipse burst onto the music scene in 2018. Drawing inspiration from Julia Michaels, Florence and The Machine and her hometown of Montréal.. With her vulnerable melodies, Cinzia found success with her second single “No Matter”. Her latest single “Runaway” has been on rotation at The Beat92.5 since its release(Sept.2020), confirming that she’s just as capable of rocking out as she is to break your heart. She released her debut EP “Little Italy” amid the pandemic, creating a story for you to get lost in. From her world of Little Italy the listener experiences excitement, heartbreak and self-love in four songs.

Cinzia’s latest music reveals how she has evolved and grown as an artist. Whereas her previous EP contained songs that expressed feelings of love lost and feeling unfulfilled, this new album reveals Cinzia’s resiliency and strength. Her latest songs are empowering and illustrate depth in her song writing, and her vocal abilities

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Saturday June 10th, 2023 @

CMW Showcase @ The Paddock Tavern

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Cinzia & The Eclipse

, Quebec
, Canada


Cinzia Abbate
Vocals & Guitar
Kyle Gritchen
Max Trefler

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