Barry Paquin Roberge

Not only can you see this glittery gang coming from afar – but thanks to their time-halting perfor-mances, sing-along choruses and fabulous attires, BPR have folks around the globe chiming in with their celebrations. Iceland Airwaves, SIM Sao Paolo, Chile’s Fluvial Festival, Reeperbahn in Ham-burg, Havana World Music Festival along with more local music-industry festivities such as Canadi-an Music Week and M for Montréal have all seen this electrifying ensemble at work!

BPR is comprised of Alexis Roberge (Buddy McNeil & the Magic Mirrors), Sebastien Paquin (also of BM&MM), Etienne Barry (Les Deuxluxes), Jonathan Lafrance (Muscadettes) Jocelyn Gagné (Les Breast-feeders), and Anna Frances Meyer (Les Deuxluxes). Arguably the best thing since the soundtrack to Xanadu, Exordium to Extasy is the groundbreaking sequel to their GAMIQ award nominated mini-album, Voyage Massage.

Songs such as The BPR Strut and Hot Stuff will turn any boring commute to work into a Soul Train-esque catwalk. BPR are also bringing back a sense of community and the art of arrangements to pop songs. The blend of male and female voices reaches out to all who want to have a good time. Groovy guitar licks, party-pleaser synthesizers and fluttering flute are exactly what people did not know they needed in their lives.

Produced by Félix Petit (Les Louanges, Hubert Lenoir) and BPR, mixed by JB Pinard (Les Louanges), engineered by Nicolas Beaudoin (Laura Sauvage) and Ryan Battistuzzi (Malajube) and put to tape by Francis Duchesne; BPR’s Exordium to Extasy is available digitally and physically everywhere through Costume Records.

Come watch us at our showcase:


Friday May 21st, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Sponsored by: Bonsound

Band Information

Barry Paquin Roberge

, Quebec
, Canada


Alexis Roberge
vocals, guitar
Sébastien Paquin
vocals, guitar
Étienne Barry
vocals, keyboards
Jonathan Lafrance
vocals, drums
Jocelyn Gagné
Anna Frances Meyer
vocals, flutes

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