Bad Breed

Genres: Rock

Formed in 2014, Toronto-based Bad Breed started out as a hard-edged combination of punk rock and 60s R&B. Now a singular blend of hard-edged funk, soul and rock, Bad Breed are a unique collaboration from diverse musical backgrounds, fronted by vocalist Mike Gribben and Havana-born bassist/vocalist maylin Ortega.

Their second studio album, The Bad Breed in Ferocious Love, was released at the end of 2020 and takes listeners on a visceral journey from personal tragedy to embracing love and joy. Charting the most pivotal year of singer Mike Gribben’s life, the album begins with him facing the death of his best friend and partner of many years and then charts his gradual emergence from an extended period of depression to accepting love and joy back into his life. Its muscular funk, lightning-sharp guitar riffs and soulful anthems of love and despair are a testament t o the transformative, ferocious power of love.

The group also features Catia Dignard on vocals, Denzel Benitez Ortega on piano and Mark Hundevad on drums percussion and vibes.

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Uptown Stage

Wednesday May 19th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
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Bad Breed

, Ontario
, Canada


Mike Gribben
Maylin Ortega
Bass, Vocals
Catia Dignard
Mark Hundevad
Drums, vibes
Denzel Benitez

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