Autumn Kings

Genres: Rock

Hailing from small Canadian town of LaSalle, ON
just a stone’s throw away from Detroit,
Michigan and shortly thereafter relocating to the Detroit area,
Autumn Kings is best described as the offspring of Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy

What started as a serendipitous encounter while both working in a grocery store, Jake Diab (guitar /
vocals) & Joe Coccimiglio (vocals) quickly bonded over a burning desire to make music for the masses.
Since emerging from the depths of the booming live music scene in
Detroit in 2015, the band has held the belief that
music need not abide by outdated genre boundaries.
Autumn Kings has been inundated with support from fans both
domestically and abroad since releasing its self-titled EP “Autumn Kings”. This
momentum has continued to present day, as the band continues to release new music
to worldwide acclaim, amassing over 20 million cumulative streams and an ever-growing North American touring presence.
Autumn Kings has shared the stage with X Ambassadors, Pop Evil, Sublime with Rome, Mutemath, Dorothy, Billy Raffoul, Aaron
Lewis (Of Staind), and more. Cutting edge production, soaring vocal hooks, blazing guitar riffs, swag-infused raps, and in-your-face screams reveal the secret to Autumn Kings’ homegrown breed of rock and roll that does not cease to consistently galvanize audiences at home and abroad.

Band Information

Autumn Kings

Windsor, ON
, Ontario
, Canada


Jacob Peter Diab
Guitar / Vocals
Joseph Coccimiglio
Troy Dawdy

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Jacob Peter Diab

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Bob Kinkead