Alexis Lynn


Recognized as a “Top 100” in the 2020 CBC Searchlight Contest, Canadian pop artist, Alexis Lynn, has a lot more to say than the average twenty something. This dynamic young artist displays a maturity beyond her years and owns her power to say what’s on her mind. Her new collection of songs from her debut EP explore everything from relationships to bullying – but in a way that is fresh and unexpected. Her songs tell her story of where it all began and where she is today: strong, confident, self aware, and ready to come into her own.

This project is deep and personal, and her writing reflects that.

As you immerse yourself in the mature lyrics of Alexis Lynn, you will find this new body of work explores love, lust, vulnerability, overcoming obstacles, self-awareness, and power with a polished, yet personal sound. 
As she relives her life’s moments through song, it’s her hope that her music empowers people as they relate her lyrics to their own life experiences. Tackling the music scene, learning to navigate a larger market, and gaining radio traction for her singles are all challenges Alexis Lynn welcomes with open arms. Through strong faith and a family that’s encouraged and supported her from the start, she knows this next chapter in her life may very well write itself . . . and she’s taking notes.

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Thursday May 20th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
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Alexis Lynn

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