From the sun kissed shores of Canada comes a new wave of music called surf hop, created by the energetic brothers duo Sam and Jake Cooke. Their groovy tunes are stylistically-inclusive and upbeat, melding hip-hop, r&b, and nu-funk for a refreshing swirl of vintage and modern sounds. Sam brings electricity as the wonder boy at centre stage, amping up the crowd with his infectious positivity and charisma. With his trademark head of curls and puka shell necklaces, Sam is as much a style icon in person as he is with his distinctive voice. Jake brings remarkable talent but a humble spirit. While producing and singing on many of the tracks Jake keeps everything flowing smoothly, from studio to stage, while ripping the occasional face melting guitar solo. The brothers are always striving to make people smile (one of 538st’s main motivators). They push for musical growth and evolution while they stay grounded in their roots; 538st is named for their childhood home, in the town where they have a vigorous fan base of dedicated supporters.

Come watch us at our showcase:

Saturday June 10th, 2023 @

CMW Showcase @ Bar Cathedral

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, BC
, Canada


Samuel Cooke
Lead Vocals
Jacob Cooke
Lead Guitar/Producer

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