3 Moonjask

3 Moonjask look as surreal on stage as they sound through headphones. Each member of the masked, lo-fi trio crafts mini-universes somewhere between house, vaporwave and ambient music, sometimes colliding forcefully and others just washing along together in harmony.

3 Moonjask released their 3rd album “Lunar Elixir” in December 2019 with Toronto based label Adhesive Sounds and Moorworks Tokyo. 3 Moonjask have toured extensively in Canada and Japan including large festivals such as Sled Island, BreakOut West, Forthwith, and Rainbow Trout Music Festival.

Come watch us at our showcase:

Sask Music

Wednesday May 19th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Sponsored by: Sask Music

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3 Moonjask

, Saskatchewan
, Canada


Will Kaufhold
Nintendo 3DS
Jeremy Kiss
Nintendo 3DS
Liam Hart
Nintendo 3DS

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Will Kaufhold

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