Synch Summit – Additional Information

If you are forwarding digital music submissions there are a few rules that will need to be followed in order for your music to be considered.
Tips for a successful presentation. 
1. Send download links via,, etc.
Do not attach mp3 files to an e-mail. By submitting an mp3 file via e-mail, your message will be ignored and deleted because of potential viruses and unwanted spam.
2. Send high-quality MP3 files
Don't send .WAV or .AIFF files. If a different file format is required from you, we will ask you for the file at a later date. MP3 submissions should be at a 320 kbps and contain original full-quality audio sources.
3. Be selective
Everyone is busy and music supervisors do not have the time to filter through a variety of songs/submissions. Before submitting anything, do some research! Make sure to pitch an idea that you feel strongly about.
4. Complete Meta-Date Correctly
Please place your contact information into the grouping section, add a date, and make additional comments that detail ownership information in the notes section (i.e. if you own 5% of publishing on a song, mark down additional owners). The faster we can research a song, the more likely it will be heard/reviewed.
Meta-Data Example:
MP3 Metadata Model
5. Don't expect feedback / Be judicious about following up
As mentioned before, music supervisors are incredibly busy and they do not have time to answer, or respond to every music submission.  If you present your music thoughtfully, while also submitting content appropriately, be advised that your submission will be reviewed and a music supervisor will contact you when they have time.
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