Pitch & Get Paid

Canadian Music Week's Pitch Competition is LIVE!  

Canadian Music Week's Pitch & Get Paid competition is open to active, operational companies looking for their series A funding. The selected winners will have a chance to present their ideas at Canadian Music Week in front of a panel of  venture capitalists, strategic investors, and super  angels. All winners will receive delegate passes to Canadian Music Week, $2500 towards travel and accommodation, and promotion from Canadian Music Week.


Congratulation to our winners:

LUCID (www.thelucidproject.ca)

LUCID is developing innovative solutions at the intersection of music, mental health, and AI to deliver short and effective wellness experiences for employees, students, and healthcare professionals. With the goal of reducing anxiety, increasing productivity, and maximizing human potential, LUCID is leveraging advances in IoT and AI to unlock the full potential of music to be a highly-effective form of rejuvenation.

Scratchvox (www.whirlednotes.com)

Whirled is the easiest, most expressive and most malleable digital note input ever devised. Users draw algorithmic lines, curves, squiggles to precisely input notes with any intricate, fluid pitch and volume imaginable. Users can then copy, pitch-shift, even stretch, squeeze and invert their pitch/volume paths to discover melodies and harmonies that have never been heard.

Side Door (www.sidedooraccess.com)

Side Door is an online platform matching performers with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere. Founded by artist, Dan Mangan, and industry professional, Laura Simpson, the company aims to elevate the artist, create deep connections with audiences and develop new markets for touring.

VenuePilot (www.venuepilot.co)

Operating a music venue is a complex and challenging endeavor. But it doesn't have to be. By automating workflow, streamlining communication, and generating intelligent reports, VenuePilot enables operators to focus on the only thing that really matters: great shows with great profits.

Want to know an artist’s revenue potential at your venue? VenuePilot has your answer. It intelligently compares the artist’s social stats and performance data with that of similar artists that have performed at your venue. We want you to book shows that perform as beautifully at the box office as they do on stage.

Pitch & Get Paid thanks our sponsors: 


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