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CMW Sync Summit

Saturday May 12, 2018

(2:30PM - 4:45PM - Osgoode Ballroom East, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel)

Meet Multimedia’s "Top" Music Supervisors at Canadian Music Week’s Annual Sync Summit!

Speakers participating in this year's Sync Summit have worked on a variety of mainstream and cutting edge Indie projects including major television shows, motion pictures, games and iconic Cultural Brands.

By purchasing a ticket to participate in the Canadian Music Week Sync Summit, you will be able to meet each of these high-profile speakers during intimate roundtable sessions. During these sessions you will be able to introduce yourself, pitch and bond with colleagues/music supervisors, composers and build a new direct business relationship!

Space is limited, one slot per person please! Seating is limited and Sync Summit Sessions SELL OUT.


Look who will be here

Tickets are also available at registration. Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen Street W.
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