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Patrice Agbokou

Quebec City, QC, Canada
As an African saying goes: "a person without culture is a person without a homeland".

Create links, cohesion, networking, share, promote talent, review those already confirmed - we do so through art and cultural exchange. Léopold Sédar Senghor said: "Art is the magic medium through which the essence of the vital force emanating from ancestors is invoked to infuse its power to actors and spectators."

Colors, shapes, melody, rhythm, mask and dance, music and singing mixed, the symbolic image make poetry in the etymological sense of the word, ie creation. We leave free the creative spirit of our artists and our public.

MondoKarnaval capitalizes on the richness of diversity in Quebec, to make this event a special occasion for a better "Living together", by encouraging tmetings, exchanges and sharing of knowledge athrough music, dance, visual or traditional arts or story telling.

Organized over three days, MondoKarnaval-Cultures en fête in Quebec City is a an open window on the world!

Patrice is fonder of Les Productions Pasa Musik, a booking and management company based in Montreal. Fostering creativity and diversity, Pasa Musik Productions sees itself as a bridge and a springboard for innovative music and other related artists. Finding its roots as much in the indie scene as in the new world burgeoning scene, PASA Musik is always on the lookout for new original talent. By encouraging cross-fertilization, the company wants to contribute to the new wave that brings renewal in the reflection of our multicultural francophone society.