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Tom Silverman

Founder & Director,
The New Music Seminar
New York, NY, USA
In the course of three tumultuous decades in popular music, Tommy Boy founder and Chairman, Tom Silverman, has created a striking success story for himself and his company. In the process, Tommy Boy has earned gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums by such artists as Everlast, Queen Latifah, Coolio, Naughty By Nature, Club Nouveau, De La Soul, Digital Underground, and House of Pain, and has been Billboard Magazine’s number one dance label for six years in a row.
In addition to unique artists and great records, Silverman’s innovative ideas about packaging, marketing and distribution of music helped separate Tommy Boy from the pack.

In 1981, Silverman and his partners (Joel Webber and Marc Josephson) created the original New Music Seminar as a new kind of grassroots music industry gathering for disenfranchised music business upstarts. From humble beginnings, New Music Seminar became the biggest and most important convention in the music industry; its combination of panels, workshops and live showcases became the model for CMJ, Canadian Music Week, Winter Music Conference and SXSW, among other followers.

Silverman is a founding member of the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) and Merlin; sits on the board of SoundExchange, the RIAA and We Are Family Foundation and has served on the boards of NARM, NAIRD, AFIM, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Dance Music Hall of Fame.