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Cara Heath

With a Bullet
Toronto, ON, Canada
Cara Heath is the President and Owner of With A Bullet, a radio and online promotion company based in Toronto Canada. The company was built upon the principle that they only work with music they are very passionate about, and their goal is to establish a lasting connection between the artists they represent and Canadian radio stations and media. Launched in 2008, With A Bullet is proud to work with an ever-growing list of incredible musicians including acclaimed international artists Leonard Cohen, Heart, Ronnie Wood, Deep Purple, The Gaslight Anthem, Jesse Malin, and FRED; Juno nominated Canadian artists Ivana Santilli, In-Flight Safety, Hannah Georgas, and CHIN; as well as Emerging Artists like The Pack a.d., Darrelle London, Poor Young Things, James Struthers, Ben Wilkins, Papermaps and many more. With A Bullet has also represented film and DVD clients to radio including Eagle Rock Entertainment, and Cineplex.

Music has always been an integral part of Cara's life, she spent over 15 years playing guitar in various bands, has worked closely with musicians as an artist manager, was part of BMG Canada's radio promotion team, and also helped to build and oversee another independent radio promotion company before finally launching her own, With A Bullet.

For more information on With A Bullet please visit http://www.withabullet.ca