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Javier Fainzaig

Farolatino Music & Video
Buenos Aires, Argentina
FAROLATINO Group (www.farolatino.com) President, CEO, Co-founder

- Responsible of institutional relations with SADAIC, and the completion of a strategic alliance that allowed the first massive digitalization of Argentinean music to take place.

- Responsible of relations with Microsoft Inc., which allow FaroLatino’s website to be present as an integrated online store in Microsoft’s Windows Media Player in the three Americas, China, Russia, UK, Australia, Spain, etc.

- Responsible of relations with Google Inc. /YouTube, turning FaroLatino into YouTube’s global partner to manage and monetize third-party videos in YouTube.com (currently surpassing 12 million videos seen per day).

- Film co-producer (short and long footage)

- Design and coordination of “La Cocina de Arte”, a system oriented to the promotion, distribution and sale of digitally protected audio tracks.

Speaker at: OMPI seminars (Argentina 1999 – 2000 -2001); E-commerce Conference (Argentina 1999); Recife Jazz Festival (Brazil 2008 – 2010); BAFIM (Argentina 2007 – 2009 – 2011); MICA (Argentina 2011) ; CMW (Canada 2008); etc.