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Paul Farberman

Paul Farberman Entertainment Inc
Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Paul Farberman started his career in the music Industry as an
Entertainment Laywer in Toronto. He then held senior executive positions
with CBS Records Canada as Vice-President of Business Affairs; IRS
Records in Los Angeles as Vice President Business Affairs, Universal
Pictures as Vice President Business Affairs Music and 20th Century Fox
as VP Business Affairs Music. Paul subsequently joined Feeling
Productions, the management company for Celine Dion, where he spent
the next 17 years being involved in the day-to-day management of Celine
Dion’s career with particular emphasis on handling all Business Affairs
related matters. Currently Paul is providing managing and consulting
services to various International Artists, Songwriters, Actors, Producers,
and various companies in the music, film and television industry including
handling all the talent agreements for AEG-Ehrlich Ventures productions
including The GrammyAwards, tribute shows to Motown, Aretha Franklin,
The Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, QuincyJones, Elton John, Stevie Wonder,
The Beatles and Prince. He is presently managing the career of the Artist
“Snow” as well as the Korean American Artist “Ailee” one of K-pop’s leading
female solo artists and working with international film production company
Moonlake Entertainment in Salzburg Austria, and Rococo, a ticketing and
new technology company based in Tokyo.