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Dave Bookman

Evening Host,
102.1 The Edge (CFNY)
Toronto, ON, Canada
My name is Bookie and since the first time my sun came up, I've been hangin' out, watching the world go by. Fortunately, the Edge was looking for someone to cover the developing CanRock indie story and I found shelter from the storm.

Here's what I've learned so far in my time at the Edge.

Eat when your hungry
Drink when your thirsty
Sleep when your tired
Courtesy is contagious

I'm a puck fan, a hoops fan, a big-time Buffallo Bills fan, an Oasis fan, a Foos fan and a DeNiro, Duvall,and Denny's fan! And when I get going in too many directions, I sometimes look like one of those oscillating fans!

The store's open Mon-Fri 7p-11p. Drop by! You can call me anytime about anything.