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Andrew Campbell

Managing Director,
Gordeon Music
Berlin, Germany
Gordeon Music Promotion is in business for approximately 20 years now. Gordeon is doing press, radio and online publicity in Germany, but also for GAS and Europe. The headquarter of Gordeon is in Berlin and they work with partner agencies in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.
The company is working more or less all kind of music styles with a team up to 9 promoters.
From 1987 to 1990, Andrew Campbell worked as a freelance journalist/photographer in both East and West Berlin, covering mainly the famous West Berlin “Jazz Fest” and similar events on both side of the city. In 1990, Andrew hired on with Sony Musc Germany in charge of radio promotion and artist development, remaining with them until 1992. Following this, Andrew, together with his partner Jan Jaedike founded Gordeon Music Promotion in 1992. In 2007 Gordeon started also working as a music publisher (Edition JA / Meisel Musik Verlage) and since 2009 as an independent label named G-Records (Rough Trade).