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Trevor Shelton

Urban Music Association of Canada (UMAC)
Toronto, ON, Canada
Trevor G. Shelton is a respected dynamic record producer and label owner of Rammit Records. In the late eighties Trevor had the foresight and ingenuity to launch his successful Indy label and secured distribution through A&M/Polygram, Universal, and BMG worldwide. Rammit continues to develop and foster young and established artists in the music industry. The label has an established catalogue of over 200 released songs of various genres including Rock, Pop, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop and Alternative.

Trevor is the President and founder of the Urban Music Association of Canada (UMAC), home of the Canadian Urban Music Awards, as seen on CBC television. Trevor assisted in creating the Record Production and Audio Engineering Programs at Trebas Institute, a private College specializing in the Audio and Entertainment industry.

Trevor takes time out of his busy schedule to teach at the College where he enjoys sharing his music industry knowledge with the students. He’s an inspiration for these future entrepreneurs starting a career in the audio and entertainment industry.

As an acclaimed music producer working in state of the art studios; Trevor has been instrumental in providing his specialized musical arrangement skills with some of Canada’s top artists. These have included: Eileen Shania Twain’s CD/LP titled First Time for the Last Time, where he was credited for his additional production. He also produced Liberty Silver, a two time Juno award winner as well as a participant in the Grammy award winning song Tears Are Not Enough, produced by Canadian Icon David Foster. Other artists included Alto Moda, Molly Johnson, Martha and the Muffins as well as the renowned Juno award winners The Parachute Club.