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Paige Nienaber

VP Fun & Games,
Clifton Radio and CPR (Clifton’s Promotions Ranch)
Scandia, MN, USA
For the past 23 years (except for a one year hiatus in the early 90’s to practice and train for his Mickey Mouse Club audition, only to lose out to that bastard Ryan Gosling) Paige Nienaber has been the industry’s leading consultant on Marketing and Promotion. He’s currently consulting over 250 stations in Canada, the US and in such far flung places as Namibia and Iowa. In addition to winning two World Wide Radio Summit “Consultant Of The Year” Awards and writing two books on Radio Promotions, he was also the Forest Lake Minnesota Junior Future Enterpriser scholarship recipient in 1998. He used it to buy beer at the local muni. His site is www.cpr-promotions.com and he can be reached via electronic mail at paigenienaber@gmail.com