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Nick Farkas

VP, Concerts and Events,
Montreal, QC, Canada
Nick Farkas has been booking shows in his hometown of Montreal for over 20 years. He started with punk acts in the late 1980’s, eventually co-founding Greenland Productions in 1993. Four years later, he was recruited by legendary Montreal promoter Donald K. Donald. Nick worked for DKD from 1997 to 2002; over this 5 year period the company merged into DKD/Universal, then Universal Concerts Canada and finally House of Blues Concerts Canada. For the past twelve years, Nick has headed the Talent Buying division of evenko (formerly Gillett Entertainment Group). He is responsible for overseeing a department that books over 1,000 shows a year in venues ranging from small clubs, to arenas and large outdoor venues, in Montreal, Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Vermont. He co-founded The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival as well as Heavy Montreal, two internationally renowned festivals that take place in Montreal every summer.