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Kerry Clarke

Artistic Director,
Calgary Folk Music Festival
Calgary, AB, Canada
Kerry Clarke’s entry into the independent side of the music world was through campus/community radio as program director some 25 years ago. She spent some time on the skins in a low-fi, original all-female pop band and booked the tours of a few Canadian bands. Her day job for 20 years has been at the Calgary Folk Music Festival – a 35-year ‘post-folk’ festival held the 4th weekend of July at Prince’s Island Park – co-managing the festival, with specific focuses in programming, admin and marketing (her current title is artistic director). In her spare time, she serves on a bunch of non-profit arts boards, is a proud and active member of WRAD (the Canadian western festivals mafia), a co-founder of Rwanda’s KigaliUp festival, and hosts the CJSW Radio program Alternative to What? whenever she’s not traveling to conferences and festivals.