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Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson Music Services
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Greg Simpson recently celebrated his 50th anniversary in the music and broadcast industries. In that time he has experienced virtually every aspect of the industries, and is able to add the words “award winning” through a number of honours received over the years. He has appeared regularly as a panelist and/or mentor at seminars for Canadian Musician, Music West, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, COCA, CIRPA and many other organisations, as well as speaking regularly at a number of educational institutions from high school to post secondary level. He also works as a staff member of Canadian Music Week where his responsibilities have included coordinating the radio panels and the trade show, and acting as facilitator for all speakers and panels on sight. In addition to that he runs a consultancy that works directly with a number of artists seeking guidance, and acts as a music consultant for radio stations. He believes that the most important thing in business is building a strong personal network. Towards that end, he is anxious to become a part of your network, and for you to become a part of his.