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Laura Mitic

Front Woman,
Toronto, ON, Canada
As the front-woman in the band Carmanah, based out of Victoria, BC, Laura Mina Mitic loves that music plays a leading role in challenging the system and creating change. Taking their name after ‘Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park’ - a remote and protected wilderness park located inside traditional Ditidaht First Nation ancestral territory, Carmanah are known to practice and promote environmental sustainability.

Intrigued by finding ways to step lighter on the planet Carmanah fuels their travels mainly on used vegetable oil, procured from local restaurants along the way, and aims to keep their footprint low while on tour. As part of an organization called The Jellyfish Project Laura and co-lead Pat Ferguson have visited over 100 schools playing music and discussing ocean and environmental sustainability and solutions with youth.

Carmanah's album ‘Speak in Rhythms’ (2018, Gus Van Go, Werner F.) saw two #1's (Roots, Nightmare) on the CBC Music Top 20 list. Carmanah’s sophomore album, ‘Iris’, is scheduled for release on June 13th, 2020 which features ‘Mountain Woman’, ‘As I See You’ and a cover of the Nancy Sinatra track ‘Bang Bang’.