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Lynzie Riebling

VP, Insight & Strategy,
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lynzie Riebling is VP of Audience Insights & Strategy at REVOLT, the Hip Hop media company founded by
Sean P. “Diddy” Combs. She prides herself on keeping her finger on the pulse of culture, using her
diverse background in insights, strategy, and emerging trends to keep brands ahead of the curve.
Specializing in qualitative research, she studies the consumption habits of mobile-first Gen Zs and
Millennials, collectively dubbed “Gen Hip Hop,” uncovering the youth's desires for new forms of
content, and mapping out the ever-expanding, ever- evolving media-verse. Prior to her work at REVOLT,
Lynzie served as Director of Research & Strategy at Ticketmaster/Live Nation, and agency-side in NYC
with a client roster of brands including Viacom, Google, YouTube, NBCU, Nike, Heineken, and IKEA.
Lynzie is uniquely qualified to speak on several topics including: Content consumption & viewing
behaviors, Millennial & Gen Z trends, Hip Hop Culture, Creating content for the Next Gen, Multicutural
audience needs, and the evolving media landscape.