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Marta Gorska

Progresja Music Zone
Marta is responsible for marketing the Progresja venue, based on deep anaylysis of tickets sale and analytical tools. She also organizes concerts for the venue as a booking manager.
Progresja is among Warsaw’s and Poland’s most popular music venues. We host more than 120 shows each year in addition to various private events. Our shows attract more than 100,000 fans annually. We offer 1,100 m2 of space for our audience and two stages – 100 m2 and 35 m2 – plus dressing rooms and shower areas for artists.
In addition to the space for rent, Progresja offers a fully professional production (including catering) of concerts and other entertainment.
The club does not have a specific musical profile. There is a whole range of musically diverse concerts on our stages. We play mainstream, hip-hop, pop, rock as well as harder formats such as metal. We also do not avoid electronic, trance and alternative music as well as concerts intended for teenagers.

Progresja also books their own shows as concert promoters and organize events outside Warsaw.
The goal of Progresja is to book 20% of their own concerts in the venue and co-promote with local and foreign agencies on another 80% (renting venue with full production).
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