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Mike King

Director: Data Analytics & Strategic Initiatives,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Michael is currently the Director responsible for the Data Governance and Project Management Office at SOCAN. In addition to these responsibilities he also works in close collaboration with the Chief Operations Officer, Jeff King (no relation) at SOCAN in advancing strategic initiatives.
Michael originally emanates from South Africa where he started his career as a Diplomat working with the United Nations, IMF, World Bank and international donor organizations. Following his tenure as a diplomat he took up a position with the Norwegian Government establishing and managing a venture capital fund to facilitate commercial relations between Norwegian and Sub-Saharan African companies. With extensive financial experience, Michael took up a senior role with a large South African asset management firm in building new asset management businesses across Africa, exposing him to a wide variety of emerging market challenges and opportunities. During this period and his subsequent role as the Regional Director for Franklin Templeton Investments in Africa he served as a Board Member on a numerous international boards.
Michael was then appointed to RBC to assist the institutional asset management business in building international relationships and an operational infrastructure with Central Banks, Private Banks, Sovereign Wealth funds and Pension Funds. In this role he worked extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Noting the importance of Data Analytics Michael then moved on to head up the North American office of a European based Data Analytics start-up, assisting them in expanding their presence across North America. For the past five years he has immersed himself in Data Analytics, working with companies such as Scotiabank, BMO and more recently SOCAN in improving their ability to manage, validate, aggregate and visualize data.
A key highlight in Michael’s career was his opportunity to work briefly with the late South African President, Nelson Mandela during South Africa’s return to the United Nations.