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Charles Murray

CEO & Founder,
Benjamin Verde Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada
Originally a marketing and promotion firm that was popularized in early 2003 by a series of sold-out speciality Hip Hop and community events, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Charles Murray recognized the talent that surrounded him. Benjamin Verde quickly grew into the corporation that we know today by staying true to its core values to empower, encourage and endorse emerging talent. Mr. Murray officially founded the company in 2006 that now stands at the forefront of Canada’s digital entertainment revolution in 2019.

Benjamin Verde Incorporated (BV) is the first enterprise of its kind in Canada and is a leading industry disruptor with patent-pending innovations encompassing artist funding, artist service, blockchain technology and entertainment investment. BV has assisted its clients over the years with millions of dollars through privatized funding and professional resources that are vital to independent artists and entertainment entrepreneurs.

Benjamin Verde Inc.
"We Fund Dreams!"