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Miss C Brown

International DJ/VJ,
Miss C Brown is a creative international DJ/VJ. An insider of the music industry for over 15
years, she has curated international showcases at some of the world's biggest festivals, had
sponsorships from organisations such as PRS Foundation, British Underground, Arts Council,
Department of International Trade and British Council. She has a strong relationship with A3C
Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta and produces events featuring UK artists, producers and DJ’s. She
has worked with SXSW and is spearheading the UK Hip Hop and Grime events for Canada
Music Week.
Also an entrepreneur, she is the founder of a music tech company called Tapes, a transparent,
networking and discovery platform for artists and industry professionals to network, distribute
and discover new music. C is helping to develop new artists coming up and provides
opportunities such as radio play, gigs, studio time and marketing strategies. She works with key
industry figures within the UK scene and uses her contacts to network and connect people who
are making waves.
Commonly known as C Brown, she has provided countless opportunities for artists, producers
and DJ's involved in the UK Hip Hop and Grime scene. She has helped over 30 artists raise
over £65,000 for music projects within the last 18 months and gives advice on how to access
grant funding. Tapes released its first official music project ‘BHX 2 ATL’ earlier this year,
featuring UK and US artists and producers. Tapes is destined for greatness via the movements
of the founder and ‘C’ is always on the ground networking for new collaborators and partners.