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DJ Biggoss

DJ Biggoss a certified music fiend as you may often here him label himself. He has been DJ’in
for around 10 years. He started off playing Bassline music after deciding producing wasn’t for
him anymore he felt it was too technical and impinged on his creativity he also loved the
satisfaction of playing music and seeing people react to him dropping bangers.
Bassline as a genre began to lose its popularity as Biggoss was moving into radio DJ’in so
rather than continue to fight a losing battle DJ Biggoss decided that he would channel his
energy and focus into pushing homegrown music specifically UK Hip Hop, R&B & Grime. He felt
it would be criminal to not help elevate all the sick UK artists especially the ones from his
hometown Birmingham even though this wasn’t what the majority of DJ’s where doing Biggoss
had a plan and wanted to be a pioneer.
Since making this decision DJ Biggoss has pushed the UK sound globally and has DJ’d in
places such as Amsterdam, Atlanta & Cancun as well as all over the UK. He has supported
some of the UK’s biggest artists on their tours as well as supporting numerous international
artists on their UK tours.
As an open minded DJ Biggest has had numerous roles within the music scene he has been a
studio engineer, promoter, artist manager as well as a general dot connector.
Most recently DJ Biggest has started a new event titled ‘The Producer Exchange’ a bi-monthly
event to primarily support producers in engaging with artists looking for producers to work with.
As well as providing a platform for creatives to come together and network & set work.
As a DJ Biggoss is dedicated to flying the flag for UK music & is always ready for the next
chapter of this journey.