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Nate Barsetti

Media Planning and Operations Lead,
Menlo Park, CA, USA
A veteran of virtual worlds for over 10 years, Nate got his start with online communities at Linden Lab, supporting virtual landowners in Second Life. After helping to launch and operate the OnLive Cloud Gaming platform (think Google Stadia, but nearly 10 years ago), Nate transitioned to digital distribution of music and films as a member of the BitTorrent Bundles team, which proved that Torrent files could be legally monetized. In 2015, Nate became the User and Event Operations Manager at AltspaceVR, pioneering live events in social VR and was the driving force behind live music performances on the platform. Following Altspace's acquisition by Microsoft, Nate became the VR producer for the comedian and musician, Reggie Watts. In Summer 2018, Nate accepted a role as Media Planning and Operations Lead at Oculus, responsible for programming and overseeing production of all events in Oculus Venues, a massive social VR co-watching app focused on Music, Comedy and Sports. To date, Nate has produced close to 700 live events in VR, including over 250 concerts with live audiences from around the world.