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Andrea Stratis

Headless Owl Records
Andrea Stratis is the owner and operator of Headless Owl Music, a small boutique record label founded in 2012 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Since then, they have released music by such Canadian artists as The Burning Hell, Michael Feuerstack, Jon Mckiel, By Divine Right and more. They also served as Executive Director of Music Yukon, the music industry association in the Yukon, and have been working and volunteering in the music industry for as far back as they can remember.

In addition to this work, they also run Andrea Stratis Consulting, a consulting company that specializes in Transgender issues. They’re currently working on a large scale project for the Yukon to build a website and database of services regarding health care information and access, guidance with civil services and more.

They currently split their time living between the Yukon and Toronto.