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Katie Tuten

Chicago, IL, USA
Katie Tuten is a founder and co owner of the Hideout in Chicago. The Hideout is consistently listed as one of the best lived music venues in Chicago, USA and around the world. For over two decades Katie has identified; supported; promoted and consulted artists; musicians; small business owners; and not for profit organizations. For thirty years, Katie has worked for not for profit organizations. Katie is a social justice activist involved in numerous projects: including affordable housing; veterans affairs, homeless initiatives; healthcare; violence and youth. Katie is a Board Member of Chicago Film Archives; After Supper Visions; BandWidth, and Foundation of Music. Katie is considered a highly respective leader understanding the intersection between art; music; culture; politics; education and social justice. She is the founder and Co Chair of the newly established (November 2018) Chicago Independent Venue League.; CIVL. CIVL was established to unite and organize many of the diverse music venues in Chicago. CIVL was started in response to Chicago’s city government and their relationship with large corporate music industry. CIVL unites the voices; best practices and common concerns of the independent small venues in Chicago. Ms. Tuten was the Recipient of the Foundation of Music 2017 Award.