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Toni Morgan

Beat Academy
Toronto, ON, Canada
Toni Morgan is an arts educator, intellectual property practitioner and the Founder of the Beat Academy, a membership organization and incubator for aspiring and early career music producers interested in working in music, film, TV, video games and VR. In 2010, Toni launched Beat Academy as a series of showcases at some of Toronto's most beloved venues that combined music and technology for onlooking music lovers. In 2012, Toni realized an opportunity to help producers launch their careers as full-time composers we she partnered with Long & McQuade to create a series of music production workshops. By 2014, the Beat Academy had grown into a movement for Toronto's young and hungry producers, eager to take their careers to the next level. Whether it was working with a 12 year old Wondagurl before Jay Z, Elaquent before he signed to Urbnet and Huh, What, Where? Recordings, Sevn Thomas before he co-produced Rihanna's international hit, "Work", or 2oolman before Tribe Called Red, the Beat Academy continues to invest in producers before the rest of the world knows who they are. As BA continues to redefine the music education space, Toni has led Beat Academy to the U.S, establishing Beat Academy's second office shortly after BA was selected to join the illustrious VIP program at the Harvard Innovation Labs. Now, Toni now works collaboratively with education leaders and students to run BA's education program and incubator in Boston, recently launching Massachusetts first music technology entrepreneurship course at a local college. When Toni isn't running the Beat Academy, she is the Managing Director for the Center for Law, Innovation and Creativity, an intellectual property and technology law research center at Northeastern University School of Law.