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Rasha Nahas

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist,
Rasha Nahas (PAL) is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and performance artist, currently living and working in Berlin.

As a songwriter and classical guitarist since the age of 10, Rasha has long been fostering a sound that moves seamlessly between the resonances of early Rock n’ Roll and the reckless echoes of Free Jazz, added with her very own approach to songwriting as well as performativity, which is influenced by her experience in performance arts and theater.

Her unmistakable sound and unique artistic identity were born and shapen in the Palestinian underground scene in her home town of Haifa; fabrics of electric guitars combined with classical technique, with a penchant for fierce yet intimate storytelling carrying bold, unabashed poetry and howling violins.

Now 22 years old, with one EP out (Am I, 2016) and together with her captivating performance, Nahas has already toured and performed in Europe, South America, UK and the Middle East, including shows in Glastonbury Festival, SIM São Paulo and many other festivals.

Her debut full length album, which she co-produced in Berlin and recorded together with her band, is due to be released in the summer of 2019 with a tour in Europe and The Middle East.

"Nahas has theatricality of Weimar cabaret with added violins and rockabilly"
- The Guardian

Involvement in additional projects:

Nahas had recently worked with pioneer artist Kamilya Joubran on “Sodassi” project which was launched in November 2018 with a tour in France including a performance at the La Dynamo Pantin and The National Opera of Montpellier.
Sodassi project in which Joubran gathered and mentored 6 MENA artists from Beirut, Cairo, Haifa and Ramallah, is scheduled to go on tour in Spring 2019 in France and Switzerland including dates in Banlieues Bleues Festival.

Rasha is one of the founding members of “Kallemi”, a freshly born band that started as a collaborative musical project between artists from Switzerland, Dominican Republic and Palestine. The band which was formed in October 2018, is currently writing and producing their debut EP and scheduled to embark on a world tour in Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Palestine including dates in Canadian Music Week and Palestine Music Expo.