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Ryan Haslam

Conference Director of the A3C Festival & Conference / Talent Manager - USA,
Bryan Michael Cox
Many people are aware of the music showcases and performances at A3C Festival, but many people who have never been are not fully aware of the panel discussions and keynotes that are available. There is a lot of information and insight into different industries. Ryan Haslam is the reason why the A3C Festival & Conference is one of the best educational experiences as well as a musical one. As the Conference Director of the A3C Festival & Conference, works with various aspects of the Conference, including the Pro-Audio Programming, Conference Programing, and Marketing. Ryan has only been with A3C for 5 years. Before joining the festival staff, Ryan spent time working with a variety of companies in apparel, including, LRG, Play Cloths, UrbanEars, and Karmaloop. He also manages music talent, such as Bryan-MichaelCox, and others.

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