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Sweet Maria

Artist, Songwriter,
Born in Angola, raised in Czech Republic, in Cuba and in Nigeria, Sweet Maria made a name for herself as a Singer/Songwriter, as a Philanthropist, as a 2 time Music Award winner, as a polyglot and as an Actress. For over 10 years, the world citizen Songstress worked in the national and the international music scenes, writing, recording and touring in Angola, in Portugal, in Namibia, in Mozambique, in Cuba, and in Cape verde. She also worked as a Actress in plays and in musicals. Her versatility and her way of bringing diversity to the music industries, separates her from the rest. Her styles range from the Kizomba music to R&b. She is fluent in English, in Portuguese, in Spanish, and in Czech language, and sings in these languages as well.In 2016 she was one of the honorees at the 100 accomplished Canadian Woman event, and was honoured and greeted by the Ontario Lieutenant Governor Ms. Elizabeth Dowdeswell.