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Anna Christina Fleury

Project Manager,
Cheers! I am Anna Christina Fleury, I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil (where I felt I never quite fit in). I started my career in a Broadcast TV Chanel doing show production (where I didn’t fit in either). From there I moved to sales area, first for a Chemical Industry and after for a Bank (where I was sure I did not fit in). I started to work in marketing for a few big American and French consumer goods companies (I didn’t even have a cubicle). I had a vertical career as Product manager and Marketing manager (where I finally started to feel like I fit in).I decided to work for Advertising and Events agencies, (an exquisite irony), I had to use sales, marketing and project management skills.(all I thought I didn`t fit in).
My second event, a millionaire convention with more than 500 attendees and big iconic Brazilians musicians and a huge international attraction, a top 10 Billboard charts name. In 2012 I moved to Canada to follow my dream, went back to school to improve my event and entertainment knowledge and work in the industry. (please God let that happen). I currently live in Toronto (how weird is that? — and where I totally fit in) working for a non-profit organization that advocates for the women`s right in Canada overseeing two big fundraising event (I keep dreaming big).