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Julia Shelton

Marketing Director,
HOLR Magazine
ON, Canada
Julia Shelton earned her BA from University of Toronto. Majoring in Communications and IT, and minoring in Visual Culture and Professional Writing, Julia set out head first after wrapping up her degree into a full-time role as Digital Editor for HOLR Magazine. In a role facilitating online content for a fashion and lifestyle magazine, Julia had to immerse herself in today’s design culture to ensure that she was ahead of each trend. Through research and content creation, the brand of HOLR Magazine came to life via engaging style videos with fashion influencers, beauty and fashion articles that educate, and lifestyle articles that add value to a readers day.

A year out from being graduated from HOLR, Julia is now Marketing Director of HOLR Magazine, where she deals with talent and some of the worlds biggest brands like Adidas, Apple, Off-White, Acne Studios, Free People, Zara and more. Balancing budget and have substantial knowledge in business fundamentals, while creating and conceptualizing are the two differing parts as marketing director that Julia must balance. Ensuring that the brand message is portrayed well in terms of image and colour choices, slogans and appropriate partnerships is what resonates with a millennial target audience.