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Gus Van Go

New York, NY, USA
Gus van Go is a JUNO-nominated Canadian record-producer, mixer and musician best known for his work with the Montreal band The Stills. He has credits for producing, mixing, writing, and arranging on all three of the group’s albums, including 2009’s Ocean’s Will Rise, which won the JUNO award for Best Alternative Album. Gus was nominated for Recording Engineer of the Year JUNO award in 2018 as well as in 2016, both times for his work with the group Whitehorse. Also in 2018 the album New Mistakes by Terra Lightfoot, which he produced and mixed, was nominated for a Best Album Adult Alternative JUNO award.
In 2016, he produced five songs on the Arkells’ hit album Morning Report. Some of his other noteworthy credits include Hollerado, Sam Roberts, Said The Whale, The Trews, Priestess, Jill Barber, Remi Chasse, and Australian indie-pop group The Grates, among many more. Most notably, Gus mixed selected tracks of the critically acclaimed Wintersleep album The Great Detachment.
In 2016, he and his co-producer Werner F won Quebec’s ADISQ award for Best Rock Album for Les Cowboys Fringants’ album, Octobre. They were also nominated in the same category for the album, Les Dauphins et les Licornes, by the Quebec band Les Trois Accords. In 2013, they received an ADISQ Producer of the Year nomination for their work on the album J'Aime Tas Grandmere, also by Les Trois Accords.
Other French-Language successes include the 2008 Vulgaires Machins album, Compter Les Corps, which was nominated for Best French-Language Album JUNO award.
Other JUNO nominations include The Glorious Sons’ The Union, which was nominated for Rock Album of the Year and had three top 10 singles (one of which, “The Contender”, reached #1 in Canada), and Jeremy Fisher’s The Lemon Squeeze, nominated for Adult Alternative Album of the Year. Also, Rah Rah’s album Poet’s Dead was also nominated for a Best Album JUNO in 2013, and was on the long-list for the Polaris Music Prize.
Gus van Go began his musical career as a founding member and singer of the seminal Montreal band Me Mom & Morgentaler. He is currently working on projects with Robert Charlebois, Trois Accords, Cowboys Fringants and Guillaume Beauregard.

DISCOGRAPHY (P = Produced, M = Mixed)
2018: Lowell, Lone Wolf - Arts&Crafts (P/M)
2018: Jill Barber, Metaphora – Outside (P/M)
2018: Remi Chasse, Les Cris Et Les Fleurs (Musicor) (P/M)
2017: Terra Lightfoot, New Mistakes – Single (P/M)
2017: Matt Mays, Once Upon A Hell Of A Time – Sonic (M)
2017: Whitehorse, Panther In The Dollhuse – Six Shooter(M)
2017: Hollerado, Born Yesterday – Royal Mountain (P/M)
2017: Fast Romantics, American Love – (Light Organ) (P/M)
2016: Sam Roberts, If You Want It single (Universal) (M)
2016: TUNS, Mind Over Matter (Royal Mountain) (M)
2016: Wintersleep, The Great Detachment (Dine Alone) (M)
2016: Fast Romantics, Julia – Single (P/M)
2016: Les Trois Accords, Joie D’Etre Gaie (La Tribu) (P/M)
2016: Les Cowboys Fringants, Octobre (La Tribu) (P/M)
2015: Terra Lightfoot, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild (Sonic Unyon) (P)
2015: Rah Rah, Rah Rah, Vessels (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2015: Simon I, Simon I (La Tribu) (P/M)
2015: Whitehorse, Leave No Bridge Unburned (Six Shooter Records) (P/M)
2015: Michael Rault, Living Daylights (Burger Records) (M)
2015: Sun K, Northern Lies (Maple Music Recordings) (M)
2015: Hollerado, “Firefly (Single)” (Royal Mountain/Universal) (P/M)
2015: The Elwins, Play For Keeps (Hidden Pony) (M)
2014: The Glorious Sons, The Union (Black Box/Universal) (M)
2014: The Lazys, The Lazys (Pheremone) (P/M)
2014: Guillaume Beauregard, D’étoiles, de pluie, et de cendre (La Tribu) (P/M)
2014: Royal Tusk, Mountain EP (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2014: In Flight Safety, Conversationalist (Night Danger) (M)
2013: Michael Rault, Living Daylights (Burger Records/Pirates Blend) (M)
2013: Teenage Kicks, Spoils of Youth (Rezolute/Universal) (M)
2014: Jeremy Fisher, The Lemon Squeeze (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2013: Said The Whale, Hawaiii (Hidden Pony) (M)
2013: Wildlife, On The Heart (Wax/Universal) (P)
2013: Xavier Caféïne, New Love (Indica) (P/M)
2013: Hollerado, White Paint (Royal Mountain/Universal) (P/M)
2012: Les Trois Accords, J’aime Ta Grand Mere (La Tribu) (P/M)
2012: Rah Rah, Little Poems (Hidden Pony) (P/M)

2012: GrimSkunk Set Fire (Indica Records) (P/M)
2012: The Junction, Grievances (P/M)
2012: Amos the Transparent, Goodnight My Dear (M)
2011: Kamakazi, Rien a Cacher (Indica Records) (P/M)
2011: The Grates, Secret Rituals (Vagrant/Dew Process) (P)
2010: Monster Truck, The Brown EP (Dine Alone) (P/M)
2010: Neverending White Lights, Title TBA (M)
2010: Ariel, Après Le Crime (Tacca) (P/M)
2010: Hollerado, Record In A Bag (Royal Mountain) (P/M)
2009: Vulgaires Machins, Requiem Pour Les Sourds (Indica Records) (P/M)
2009: Low Level Flight, “Title TBA” (P/M)
2009: Les Trois Accords, Dans Mon Corps (Indica Records) (P/M)
2009: Chinatown, Cité d’or (Tacca) (P/M)
2009: The Junction, Another Link In The Chain (P/M)

2008: The Stills, Oceans Will Rise (Arts & Crafts) (P/M)
2007: The Shakes, Faces We Make When We Dance (P/M)
2007: The Trews, No Time For Later (Bumstead/Universal) (P/M)
2006: Xavier Caféïne Giselle (M)
2006: Vulgaires Machins, Compter Les Corps (Indica Records) (P/M)

2006: The Stills, Without Feathers (Vice Records) (P/M)

2005: Priestess, Hello Master (P/M)
2003: The Stills, Logic Will Break Your Heart (Vice Records / Atlantic) (P/M)
2001: Smitty’s Burnin’ & Shakin’ (P)
1999: The Undercovers, Some People (P)
1997: The Kingpins, Watch Your Back (P)
1995: The Kingpins, On the Run (P)
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