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Pierre-Jean Lavigne

Senior Product Manager,
Stingray Music
Montreal, QC, Canada
Pierre-Jean Lavigne is Senior Product manager at Stingray and has overseen the development of Stingray Music for the last five years. During this time, he’s supervised the creation of thousands of music channels to best serve clients from around the world as well as publish different technical solutions for broadcast on multiple devices, allowing for mass-reach of the different Stingray products.

This year, PJ will also be celebrating 20 years on-air as host and music programmer. His involvement in the music scene has not only enabled him to play/DJ at numerous festivals but also open for many of his favorite acts.

Thanks to his expertise in writing and broadcasting, he has been selected as a member of the jury for many festivals (Montreal Jazz Fest, Mundial, etc.) and has collaborated on music publications.

He has always believed that music’s capacity to surprise and touch on emotional levels is one of the best ways to bring people together.
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