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Kelly K

Serial entrepreneur and President/CEO of KKZ/CBO (formerly KuKaZi), Kelly K is an influential branding, creative and business development maverick with comprehensive know-how and award-winning initiatives across a myriad of environments including media, music, entertainment, social and consumer products. Partners, clients and projects have included Fox Sports, AT&T, Universal, Sony, American Idol, Technicolor, Authentic/Experience Hendrix, Virgin and many more.

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Kelly’s ingenuity, originality and vision has mentored hundreds of ventures to successful fruition. Kelly continues to bring his unique perspective and conscience business practices to the global audience. His most recent projects include the sustainable handcrafted artisan guitar line IOP Guitars (http://www/iopguitars.com) and EMPowerplay (http://www.empowerplayproject.com) – a youth sports initiative he founded and recently launched Nationwide, whose sole mission is educating, motivating and ultimately empowering kids through the participation of sports. Through EMPowerplay, Kelly and his project partners donate state-of-the-art, multi-use hockey rinks to cities and inner-cities across America, ultimately enabling the introduction of the great sport to millions of kids who never had the opportunity to try the sport before.