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Zoubi Arros

Songwriter, Singer, Performer, Publisher,
Zoubbi Music
Bringing charisma and authenticity to the indie music scene, Zoubi has been attracted to art in all its forms since an early age. She quickly became enthralled with music after her experience of catharsis through writing and performing songs about her personal experiences. In 2015, she embarked on an EP release tour with Devarrow, traveling from BC to Saskatchewan and back. Upon her return, Zoubi started a new band, Zoubi and The Sea. The quartet created a buzz in their hometown, Victoria BC, and kicked off 2016 performing in various festivals on Vancouver Island including Rifflandia and Tall Tree. Catching the attention of the local production company, Atomique Productions, Zoubi and The Sea had the
pleasure of opening for Carmanah, Rising Appalachia, Jon and Roy and Tara Lightfoot.

Being a band leader taught Zoubi the importance of organizing and networking, of taking risks and initiative. Most of what she has learned to date was fueled by her passion for music and her aspiration to advance her abilities as an artist and build a strong foundation in the
music business.

From venue booking to Web Development, to Digital Marketing to Publishing, Zoubi is constantly expanding her music business skill set. Moving to Toronto in September 2017 to study Independent Songwriting and Performance at Seneca College, Zoubi is engaged in the local music scene, both performing as a singer-songwriter and working behind the scenes. She is known for wearing many different hats, both literally and figuratively.
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