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Joe Solo

CEO + Record Producer,
Joe Solo Music+Entertainment, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Creating Hit Music Of The Future - And The Birth of Spherical Audio Record Producer Joe Solo, (Credits) has developed a fascinating keynote exclusively for Canadian Music Week. It is centred around the marriage of the future of sound, instrumentation, songwriting & producing with his new technique for achieving spherical mixes that can be enjoyed on a simple set of regular stereo headphones. Imagine immersing yourself in a complete spherical sound experience! Helicopters flying over your head or the bass guitar is is coming up behind you while a single note sustains in the distance far behind your right shoulder suddenly shoot forward toward you and breaks into a flurry of guitar solo shread while swirling around your head a couple times before coming to a screeching in-your-face halt dead center in front of your eyes. And then ends on a single sustained note that slowly morphs into a flutter of echoes that suddenly drift up and to the left as if heading for their final resting place in the distant stars.. Joe’s keynote is centered around future sonic trends within the context of the song, and the next generation of sonic motion which Joe had dubbed Spherical Audio. He will explain the psychoacoustic principles and techniques that will allow you to go home that night and mix your own material in a Spherical Audio mix . . . using only 2 speakers to output sound! Spherical Audio will eventually be used in a wide and deep range of music + entertainment environments including gaming, music & sound design for the cinema, television, home theatre systems, VR/AR set-ups, theme park rides $ attractions, automotive sound systems, portable devices, and of course, your god ole living room stereo. Joe Solo is CEO of Joe Solo Music+Entertainment, Inc. and is founder of the Music Success Workshop. This is were he coaches artists, singers, musicians, songwriters, producers and DJs on how to achieve success on their own terms in the music industry. Through books, videos, live talks, weekend retreats, and a new TV show in development, Joe’s mission is to help aspiring professionals realize their music dream. Hear Joe’s work and see his professional history: JoeSoloProductions.com For info & tickets to the Joe Solo Malibu Beach House Music Success Retreat (May 25-28, 2018): MusicCareerSuccess.com To get Joe Solo’s Music Success Video Nuggets and tips - FREE: JoeSolo.com
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