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Mike Viner

Dir. Nat’l Radio Sales,
Rogers Communications Inc
Toronto, ON, Canada
Mike Viner began his career in radio advertising sales in 2003 at Canadian Broadcast Sales. Mike worked representing some of Canada’s largest broadcasters from coast to coast and once prided himself on his knowledge of Canadian call letters (sadly, age has eroded this skill). From Canadian Broadcast Sales, Mike returned to school to obtain an MBA from the University of Toronto, graduating in April 2012. After graduation, Mike started with Pelmorex Media, home of the Weather Network, working in various roles from digital sales to TV revenue management ultimately managing the Canadian advertising division for the Weather Network’s digital and TV properties. In January 2017, Mike returned to radio as the director of national radio advertising at Rogers Media after getting tired of watching how stable and effective radio is from afar. Mike is very pleased to be back in radio at such and exciting time for the medium and is single-minded in his efforts to demonstrate the effectiveness of radio advertising to clients.