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Andrea Young

Digital Promotions Group (DPG)
Andrea Young is Co-Founder and Chief Playlisting Officer of Digital Promotions Group (DPG) Koral Young Group, serving musicians worldwide via label and marketing services to get their music heard. Curation and playlisting are longtime passions, and Young and her team are heavily invested in best practices of promoting artists and their music online now. Young’s management and marketing experience includes working for a major label and distribution company, co-owning a music retail chain, co-founding the company that computerized the retail and wholesale music industry, running a public radio station, and managing and advising numerous startups over the years. With a long and deep history in the music business, she continues to be passionate about bringing music out into the world. Besides her work with artists at DPG Koral Young, she also produces and hosts a weekly news and music radio show on Aspen Public Radio called ‘Aspenbeat’
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