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Peter Toh

Executive & Artistic Director: Music Africa Inc.,
Music Africa Canada Inc.,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Peter Toh is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and cultural connector who has worked with multiple organizations including: the Government of Canada, Ryerson University and Music Africa of Canada Inc.
Though he was always connected to presentation of cultural events, Peter Toh started his professional career in 2009 as an Entrepreneurship mentor at Ryerson University. He later joined the Government of Canada as a Business Analyst and Senior Project Officer. While working with these organizations, he was the President of Music Africa of Canada Inc. – organizers of AFROFEST which is the largest free African festival in North America. In 2016, he received over 150 emails from citizens within the city of Toronto appreciating the work he does in the African and Black community and encouraging him to carry on. Based on strength of these emails and his passion for promoting African music and culture he decided to make his work with Music Africa his career.
Currently in his 2nd year as Executive & Artistic Director of Music Africa, Peter Toh has successfully grown the financial and community base of the organization, expanding it to present events in 6 other Canadian cities and hiring over 400 local and international artists to showcase their talents at these events.