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Ricardo Haas- Rivera

Director: Marketing & Sponsorship,
Del King Entertainment
Although my 25+ years of professional life have been devoted to the music business, I have developed a broad sense of how companies work due to my entrepreneurial interests.

That has allowed me to balance my duties as Marketing and Sponsorships Director for Del King Entertainment with running my company, Kolektiv 360, a hub for talent development and growth, through experienced and specialized consulting for successful, long-lasting and profitable careers.

In my early stages, I was more about the music than the business, but the approach gradually started switching and the business side took a more predominant role. Despite my engineering degree –which also supports my love for Technology–, and my passion and commitment for Music and its Industry, I have also long since shown great interest in Marketing, Public Relations, Media and Business Management, areas in which I have specialized over the years.

I have worn many hats in my career -Musician, Recording Engineer, Music Producer, Artist Manager, Marketing Manager-, and most of them during my entrepreneurial stages, be it as partner of a recording studio, independent artist manager, or partner/CEO of an artist management company and booking agency. This last enterprise was called HOME Artists, and operated for almost 8 years -from 2003 to 2010- until it was sold to publicly traded entertainment giant OCESA, in a deal that included the company's roster and its human talent. I since became Marketing Manager of OCESA and Auditorio Banamex in my hometown, Monterrey, Mexico, and worked there for 5 years.

I am quality-oriented, strongly committed on delivering results, with a solid sense of team leadership. Management is an integral part of my life, and it has also helped me develop operational and strategic processes. I find innovation, efficiency, organization and honesty, indispensable in my quest for personal and professional growth.

Live a healthy life and you will undoubtedly excel in your career endeavors.
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