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Ana Rodriguez

Music Manager & Cultural Promoter,
Troker Management
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Ana Rodriguez is a music manager and cultural promoter from Baja, Mexico. She is the CEO of Fijate que Suave and the manager of the internationally-renowned artist and band TROKER, both of which are based in Guadalajara, Mexico. She earned a Bachelor of Science at ITESO (Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara) in Communication and earned a certificate in Artist Management from Berklee College of Music Online. While pursuing her degrees, she developed her artist management services with TROKER. Since that time, the band has toured in over 17 countries, released six albums, and developed an increasing international fanbase and presence.
Nine years into her management work on behalf of TROKER, she and the founding musicians of the band formed the company “Fijate que Suave” with the sole purpose of managing TROKER's affairs. Today, Fijate que Suave has grown to provide services in event production, press and marketing services, tour logistics for international artists in Mexico, custom music production services, as well as the management and representation of TROKER's affairs.

She is a founding member of the Association of Latin American Managers MMF LATAM, which brings together more than 60 artist representatives from over 16 countries. MMF LATAM is a professional network focused on the development of the Latin American Music Industry, with the mission of building an identity in the Latin American market, generating touring networks for artists in Latin America, alliances between Latin American artists and the rest of the world, and ensuring increased awareness and support for the profession of music management in Latin America.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Green Company, a leading brand and souvenir business established in Mazatlan, Mexico.
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