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Julian Velazquez Morgan

Booking Manager,
Grupo Sicario
Mexico City, CP, Mexico
Graduated from the School of Music of National University (UNAM), He has more than 10 years of experience in Mexican music industry. He’s been part of major different projects supporting indie music within Mexico.

As an independent producer and manager, He’s developed more than 50 artistic careers from rock to world beat, electronic music and pop. One of his major principles is supporting Mexican talent internationally no matter its music genre: “ I do believe not all music must express a huge roots approach. On the contrary, it’s more interesting and exciting that music feeds itself from a world wide perspective,”

Nowadays, He’s the director of Management and Booking in independent Mexican label, Sicario Music. (www.sicariomusic.com). Being part of Sicario Group, this enterprise works around entertainment business in Mexico with different platforms; including 3 nights clubs, 2 concerts venues and one music festival, Ceremonia (30K pax). Sicario label enhances emerging Mexican talent that experiment and propose new music textures.
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