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Gabe Bialkowski

Sensu Music
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gabe Bialkowski, co-founder, and CEO of Sensu Music spent the last 5 years as an active CEO / Entrepreneur and 7 years as an artist manager. His software engineering and information technology management interests came to fruition at Rochester Institute of Technology. In the information technology field, he did consultation work for numerous medium-sized businesses all focused on using software to disrupt components of their markets and simplifing the human experience. Following, he focused his time on digital media ventures and different facets of the music industry. A founder of several startups including a back-end inventory management program for restaurants, event promotion/artist management in Buffalo NY, and now an online business platform for the music industry. Gabe has successfully progressed numerous startups into international adoption, all with a huge emphasis on the brand and the story behind it.

Sensu Music is a disruptive, market transforming, consumer and enterprise software for the global music industry. Sensu facilitates the business of music to create a community that drives the discovery, development, and management of the modern day artist. Using highly innovative digital techniques that facilitate authentic interactions between artist, music professionals, and fans.